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Monday, January 26, 2009

George Wythe Accreditation

George Wythe University is currently under review for accreditation with the American Academy for Liberal Education (AALE). Although it has a somewhat checkered past (its right to accept new applications was suspended for a year in 2006), AALE is not just a rubber-stamp organization, as evidenced by this article.

According to correspondance with AALE I have reviewed, GWU is still an applicant with the academy, but has yet to come before the board for a decision on membership. The ball is currently in GWU's court, and they appear to be doing nothing.

According to the correspondance:

"... the college has not asked that its application be considered yet, as they have not completed the entire process needed for the Academy to make a decision. If anyone wants to know where the college is in the process or when they expect to come before the Academy's Board, they need to inquire with the school, as for the Academy to speak about it would assume that the Academy knows why a college is waiting and would violate confidentiality guidelines, as outlined in our public documents and the USDOED criteria for accreditors.

"The point is that only the school can answer where they are and what time line they are on to complete the process - as they do not need to tell us the reasons. Applicants may ask that the file not be forwarded to the Academy's Board until a later date. The reasons for such an decision are entirely up to the applicant and need not be forwarded to the accreditor. In effect, a college may stop or delay the process and they do not need to give reasons for it. It is up to the applicant to address this issue with any concerned constituents."

Here is George Wythe's statement on its own accreditation status.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I just ran across your blog while I was reading up on TJ Ed. I live in Monticello and have a neighbor or two (including one that has donated/leased/contracted all of the land to GWU) that are big supporters of GWC (err, I mean U). I find it fascinating that your blog has so much more up to date info that anywhere else. Here, in Monticello, we usually only get the whitewashed version from the supporters.

Here, in Monticello, many of us are watching GWU closely because there seem to be lots of red flags and things that just don't make sense. For instance, why Monticello? If things weren't booming for the college (errr, university - by the way, what comes after university? I don't know but we'll probably find out next month when the status of the institution is upgraded once again - but I digress)in Cedar City what makes anyone think they will boom here?

It will be interesting to watch.

The Real George Wythe said...

Thanks for stopping by. You can see some of their campus selection reasoning on pages 33 - 36 here: http://www.gw.edu/pdf/gwc_history.pdf

I have no idea why they chose Monticello (nice place by the way -- I've been mountain biking there).

I've heard people speculate that it's a combination of Jefferson living on an estate with the same name (different pronunciation) and a large land donation. I've also heard they may have trouble getting the water rights to construct what they want to do (assuming everything else falls into place). But that's all just speculation.

You're right -- the facts are hard to come by. If you ever find something new, please e-mail me or share it with us here!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've read through their sight, including the 1 billion dollar wish list of campus buildings. I've also heard about the water rights but I believe that the city voted to annex the property into city limits and that might help with that.

Also, the land donation may have some strings attached. If something doesn't happen on the site by a certain date, then the person who donated the land gets it back.

For this semester, they were holding a single class with 10 students in the Hyland Hotel - an old-timey building that used to have bed and breakfast aspirations. However, just before Thanksgiving they either had to leave or chose to leave the hotel. Perhaps they couldn't make the lease payments. I have no idea where they are holding classed now.

The Real George Wythe said...

Is the Hyland Hotel vacant now? I thought they had purchased it.

Anonymous said...

Nope, they were leasing. It is empty now and is available for receptions and family gatherings.

The Brooks were living in part of it and using another part of it for classes....errr colloquia.

R.C. said...
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R.C. said...
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Anonymous said...

I too have a family member (extended family in my case) who completely emptied her banks accounts (and even went into serious debt) in order to sit at the feet of "the master". Because so much was spent and loss, she is hesitant to admit that she's been out-and-out conned, so her justification for the enormous financial and time losses keep changing. Usually floating around "well we learn how to be good people". Yeah, I'm sure you do. You can learn how to be a good person anywhere, and at a much cheaper rate.

I urge anyone who is reading this to steer clear from this college. It is less than it pretends to be. Consider it a money vaccuum without a bottom, and nothing of value to give back.

Anonymous said...

Oh and to be clear, I'm not the same anonymous as the Monticello Resident. (I've never even been to Monticello).

So call me L.

Anonymous said...

The religious demos of Monticello are, or course, predominately Mormon. Other denominations are present and pretty active as well. The evangelical radio station does offer Christian programming but they also do alot of just general stuff for the community (like broadcasting HS sports). They are also the only local radio station so they serve many roles. Brooks' broadcasts aren't overtly Mormon so they may not care.

Monticello has a small airport but if a person wants to fly anywhere they have to go to Salt Lake. Moab, 50-ish mi. north of Monticello has (or used to have) once daily service to SL as well.

Anonymous said...

What is the population of Monticello anyway, 8,000 people? Bringing in a "billion dollar" campus for tens of thousands of people would transform the city forever. Hasn't your county heard of zoning, permits, and stuff like that?

I gues sthey don't really care, though. Since it's crazier than my pipe dream about murdering the man in the moon.