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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Glenn Beck at Gala

Radio and television personality Glenn Beck is scheduled to appear at a fundraising gala for George Wythe on May 30, 2009. Whatever your feelings for Beck (I personally respect and admire him), he is a legitimate figure on the U.S. political scene, and his association with the school further legitimizes its efforts.

Given what you have learned in your own experience and from the articles and links attached to this blog, you may be interested in encouraging Beck to cancel this appearance. If so, you can contact him at me@glennbeck.com or his producer Stu at stu@glennbeck.com. You can also contact his speaking agent, Premiere Speakers Bureau, at info@premierespeakers.com or 615-261-4000.

I have contacted them myself and encourage you to do so!

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