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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


DeMille wrote the following blurb to promote an upcoming online seminar he's putting on (for only $29!). I am including it here as an example of some fallacious reasoning I see as prevalent in DeMille's writing. My commentary is in brackets:

"History is the story of aristocracy over the masses [false premise]. America broke this pattern, setting up the model for a classless society--and the resulting freedom has lasted over 200 years! [non sequitur]

"That freedom has endured so many challenges that few realize that America is truly at a crossroads. [another non sequitur] With all that our generation will be called upon to face, the greatest battle of our time is between Aristocracy and Freedom. [false dichotomy--DeMille frequently employs this fallacy]

"While our attention is rapt in the drama all around us, our future, the future of Freedom, is being decided here and now. This conflict defines our politics, our economics, our education and the future of our families.

"During this time of crisis, we can no longer suppose that the cycles of history will pass our generation by. Join me as I teach about the traps that lie before us and the solutions that will empower you to ensure that our freedoms will endure!"

The site introduces DeMille as follows:

"For the first time in many [six] months, DeMille will teach publically. He has made good use of his time during his absence from the public stage [was he ever on the public stage? Check newspaper archives -- even local Utah ones -- and you will find virtually no mention of him; he is not a public figure]. His research has brought him to some critical conclusions.

"For years, Oliver DeMille has been researching the classics and the cycles of history to inform his predictions and prescriptions for the coming years [See his book The New World Order: Choosing Between Christ and Satan in the Last Days for an example of his predictions]. His revolutionary synthesis of scholarship and application [the word "revolutionary" implies no one before had made a connection between scholarship and application] both inform and inspire his listeners with information they can use to make a difference.

"Don't miss this new and timely presentation, with live Q&A to follow."

If you're interested, you can sign up for the webinar here: http://thecomingaristocracy.eventbrite.com/


R.C. said...
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The Real George Wythe said...

This statement came from a quick Google search of the term:

"The American revolution was about an American aristocracy using commoners for cannon fodder in a common goal to supplant the English aristocracy and replace them with a home-grown version."


This is an extreme (and cynical) statement to be sure, and I don't agree with it.

HOWEVER, it isn't too tough to argue that many (if not most) of the founding fathers were basically an Americanized version of the European Aristocrat. Therefore, can one venerate these men on one hand (as DeMille does) then criticize their modern counterparts on the other, without being duplicitous?