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Monday, February 23, 2009

What about the donated land in Monticello?

The post heading pretty much says it all. DeMille's announcement that the Monticello campus will be built on a much smaller scale, if it is built at all, begs the question: What about the 400 or so acres donated (in good faith) for the campus? Will the George Wythe Foundation do the right thing and return it? Or will they hold a shotgun class session on it before 2010 to fulfill a technical obligation of the donation, then turn around and sell the acreage to fund the school's new, online operations? Or to fund its endowment? Or something else?

Given the school's history with the Meadeau View Institute (see Deseret News articles in the left sidebar), it appears that history may be repeating itself.

The George Wythe Foundation planned on building 300 homes on 500 acres west of Monticello. It appears those plans, like Meadeau View's planned Mammoth Valley community, will not materialize.

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Anonymous said...

I know from a close, personal relationship with one of the donors that the land will not be returned. I will not say who or the relation, suffice it to say, I am also very disillusioned with GWU