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Monday, March 9, 2009

Andrew Groft

UPDATE: We now know a little more about Mr. Groft. See new post. /UPDATE

Here is what I know about Andrew Groft, based on the official GW bio and what I have garnered from various other sources (all linked below):

Groft was likely born in 1972. He was a representative of the Goodman Family Singers in the mid-1990s, around the time he first joined GW as a "student-mentor."

His doctorate in education is from George Wythe College, although the official bio does not mention that. GW awarded him the degree in 2001, and it currently falls in the list of degrees no longer offered by the school.

The bio calls him a "founder" of George Wythe College, although he wasn't around in 1991 or 1992 when Doughty, DeMille, and Sills started the school as part of the Meadeau View Institute. (Incidentally, DeMille is still listed as "the founder" in his own bio.)

According to Shanon Brooks, Groft left GW in the 1990s to become an executive for an unnamed "large financial services firm." After becoming a board member of this firm, in 1999 Groft returned to GW. In 2000 he was named provost.

By 2003, he was an ASL instructor at Southern Utah University. He is faculty advisor for the GW chapter of College Republicans, and will lead a tour of Western Europe for a group of GW students in June.

Groft "place[s] George Wythe College and its programs at no less than the forefront of a new 'Renaissance of Kings', with the ability to transform society and the world."

He uses this term, Renaissance of Kings, frequently. It stems from a 2006 graduation speech he gave for GW. According to the 12/15/08 GWU Hour, when writing this address he set out to create something profound. (I have read the document and it has no references or footnotes. It does not cite one source.)

In August 2008, he was named president of the Cedar City campus in conjunction with the Monticello Campus groundbreaking.

The press release I posted earlier is the first announcement of Groft's ascension to the presidency of all of George Wythe. I have yet to find any mention of this press release anywhere. However, as of today Groft's official bio has been updated to reflect his new role.

Finally, here is a video of Groft conducting class at GW. :)

(Lightsaber Duel) A Day In Class At GWC... - Funny video clips are a click away


Ellie said...
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The Real George Wythe said...

Hi Ellie -

I was careful not to inject my opinion because I honestly don't know him. I want this blog to be fact-based. I hope you can re-read the post and point out which part is my opinion.

If he's one of the greatest men you've ever met, then good for you. I'm sure he's a great guy. The purpose of this blog is to document everything I can about George Wythe College / University, not to defame individuals.

Anonymous said...

I've wondered myself where all of the doctoral dissertations are. Surely copies are kept at the Cedar City campus. They certainly don't seem to have made their way into the body of literature that is available to researchers and scholars.

Additionally, does anyone know when Brooks got his "degrees"? I have never seen years listed with them.

Anonymous said...

Andy Groft is one of those mentors who does well with younger students but is clearly seen as deficient by those of us who are older. He is leagues away from being of the same academic caliber as say the newly appointed president of UVU, Matthew Holland. This assessment is made by one who traveled with him on one of his trips to Europe for a month and was disappointed by what he/she saw.

Nicholas James said...

Just a few things.

First, this post is ancient by now. I'm not trying to bump it.

Second, that has got to be one of the coolest videos ever. I should know because I'm in it. And it took a lot of convincing to get Andy to actually do that, which ought not to reflect on his style of education.

Third, I'd like to thank you for what you're doing with this blog. It's bringing attention to a lot of things that ought to have attention brought to. I'll spread the word where I can.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Andrew Groft have a curriculum vitae anywhere online? Why can you only find a vague brief bio on the GWU website? If he does hold the title of President for GWU shouldn't we be able to see his chronological resume? Why is so little disclosed about Groft?

The Real George Wythe said...

@9/26 Anon:

"Why is so little disclosed about Groft?"

Probably because there is little to disclose. I can't even find where (or if) he got an undergrad degree.

R.C. said...

His bio has also changed throughout the time he was there. I have also tried to find out what his dissertation research had to do with to no avail. If anyone reading this at GWU could go to the GWU library and get a copy of his dissertation to find out what it was about, I would really like to know.

Anonymous said...

"Groft left GW in the 1990s to become an executive for an unnamed "large financial services firm." Why is nothing said about this experience on the GWU bio? If he did become a "board member of this firm" I would imagine this would be something talked about. Did Brooks tell a half-truth if not a lie? Is this evidence in the way GWU conducts business?

Alison Moore Smith said...

Just came across this post in a google search. Another in-bred president.

For the record, Groft was arrested today for solicitation of sex.



Anonymous said...

He is obviously human.
Such a sad circumstance for him and his family. They will be in my prayers tonight.
I keep thinking "what is seen and what is unseen..."
" When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, "If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her." John 8:7

Anonymous said...

Anon- 12/27:

Prostitution destroys communitites. Keep that in mind while you try to beat us with bible verses. Im sure youre aware that there are more meanings to the verse you quote.

Bipolar Attorney said...

Personal repentance or worthiness is not the issue. I trust that higher authority is competent to make those decisions. The issue is a school that claims to prepare moral leadership for the next century. Since no one from the school wishes to discuss the past, I submit the following history.

The school arose out of a ponzi scheme.

The founders were so insecure in their intellectual abilities that they relentlessly pursued degrees from a multitude of diploma mills in order to call each other "Doctor."

The founders rejected legitimate scientific education to the point that they granted Ann Blake Tracy a "PhD." This enabled her to pursue her screed against biological psychiatry. Apparently, no one connected with the University cares one whit about the mentally ill.

They granted a PhD in Constitutional Law to a man who has been convicted of money laundering.

They used the non-profit University to promote numerous business opportunities in which they sold books and peddled their vision of education. Incidentally, Ann Tracy does the same.

They granted a PhD to a Senate candidate with political views so extreme that he could not come within the umbrella of the Utah Republican party.

Now they have a PhD, student, mentor and University President who will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

I know that this sordid tale means nothing to the true followers who see these educational methods as a way to enable their children to avoid the world. However, I suspect that an accreditation committee will demand answers.

Anonymous said...

Bipolar, you might want to get your facts straight before you go spewing off a bunch of half-cocked suppositions. Any half decent attorney would know that a class B misdemeanor of this kind doesn’t put someone on the sex offender list. Indeed it wouldn’t even prevent someone from teaching in public elementary schools. Using exaggerated imagery in this way takes the credibility out of everything you say.

You make is sound like educational institutions are somehow responsible for all future illegal actions of their alumni. If that were true heaven help any of the Ivy League schools, and you might just be surprised to learn the number of BYU grads doing time in Utah prisons. I’m not speaking in favor of Groft’s obviously poor decision, but in light of his actions since the arrest, I’d be surprised if he spends even one day behind bars for this offense.

Morally, this IS a serious matter, but in the eyes of the law, this rates right up there with mooning a cop in public.

R.C. said...


Ann Blake Tracy was on AM 630 in Utah (I refer to that station as militia radio, but that is beside the point). One highlight from her question and answer was that she inferred that homosexuality is caused by antidepressants and ritalin based on reports she had received. She also said that said drugs cause "stunted growth" and late puberty in males. I would be laughing if she wasn't serious, and the implications of her words weren't serious.

GWU must remove these phony degrees.

Bipolar Attorney said...


You are right. Utah Code Ann. 77-27-21.5 does not require registration for a Class B misdemeanor.

It still is not an endorsement of the results of the University.

I stand by the rest of my comments.

Bob said...

Anon, don’t blame Bipolar for his use of propaganda. He learned it from the author of this blog. Over-inflated conjecture seems to be their way of attacking something they really can’t fundamentally disagree with. Notice they never attempt to mention any good that has come to the thousands of GWU and TJED advocates. They don’t even want to address it. Instead, consider TRGW’s March ’09 attempt to discredit one of the oldest and most successful Arizona charter schools by drawing attention to a crime committed by one of their faculty (a man who was promptly fired and turned over to authorities). They can’t attack GWU on principle so the best they can come up with is conspiratory innuendo.

I’m not saying it’s right, but isn’t prostitution legal in several Nevada counties within a 3 hour drive of Cedar City? The notorious Pahrump, NV is simultaneously home to 4 legal brothels and (according to mormon.org) 4 LDS wards. The logic on this blog would probably find that coincidence “tangentially interesting.”

What does any of that have to do with this blog? I don’t know… go google the term “legal prostitution at mormon george wythe university” and see what site it pulls up. It’s amazing where conjecture can take you. That may not be TRGW’s intention, but alas it is his fruits.

Bipolar Attorney said...


I would not expect anyone blinded by affinity fraud to understand the extent of the academic shady dealings.

But it was only a month ago that Anon. was citing "Andy" as one of the wonderful products of GWU.


Bob said...

Let me see if I properly understand your line of reasoning…

1) Groft is suffering from and working through a sexual addiction


2) GWU is bad.

Or perhaps you would word it this way… The recent actions of Groft prove that the efforts of GWU to inspire virtue, wisdom, diplomacy and courage are universally ineffective and are therefore futile.

Oh, I forgot to add to the equation that somewhere out there is a woman whose teachings you don’t personally agree with but whose influence is frustratingly much greater than yours therefore GWU is somehow to blame for all the “evils” this woman can conjure in society.

Next you are probably going to argue that no good could ever come from studying Marx or Darwin because of your personal disagreement.

If you have a personal bone to pick with Ann Black Tracy, that’s your business and I wish you well, but don’t come crying to the blogosphere claiming to have “new” insight into what goes on in GW board meetings or classrooms. How can anyone who never sat through a politics class in the Duck Creek Skousen Center or discussed philosophy with Groft in Africa or participated in an early steering committee in the basement of the dentists office have any worthwhile insights into such things?

Bipolar, the fact is that you and TRGW lack the personal experience necessary to be making all your unsubstantiated wild claims about the University, its motives and its value to society.

But hey, that’s just my humble opinion… an opinion based on such personal experiences. Experiences I have found to be lovely, of good report and praiseworthy.

Bob said...

At the end of the day, there are events on the horizon that are going to make all these petty arguments pointless anyway. Why would any voting citizen be so concerned over the supposed budget discrepancies of a tiny liberal arts school when the budget of the nation is being so abhorrently mismanaged? Why would any patriotic American wage war on an institution trying in their small way to build conscious statesmanship, while the politicians in power get away with almost daily freedom usurpation? TRGW, do you honestly believe that societies’ many needs are best served by your “intellectual” contributions spent here?

Bob said...

My New Year’s Resolution is to find ways to spend my time doing more good for more people. That will most likely result in me spending less time on this blog. Here’s wishing everyone a Happy and Productive New Year.

Anonymous said...


1) Groft, a trained GWU statesman, was arrested for soliciting a prostitute

2) Ann Blake Tracy, cannot begin to understand research in the behavioral sciences, spreads lies in public with her life experience degree from GWU

3) Mark Siljander was convicted of funneling money to a terrorist organization holds a degree from GWU and has been called a statesman by GWU leaders

4) GWU was built on the shoddy foundation of Cleon Skousen and the Meadeau View Institute by individuals who sought multiple phony degrees and gave degrees to each other


5) Something is wrong with GWU