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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rachel DeMille Responds

In response to both my request to point out any misstated facts in DeMille's Wikipedia article and my comments on the bookstore, Rachel DeMille* gave the following response in the Daily Herald forum:

I'd be happy to--and I will, but I'm limited on time this week. Being a wife, mom of 8 and a budding entrepreneur ;-) keeps me a little busy...

Meanwhile, I wanted to respond to the concerns you raised about the bookstore itself, since that's the main gist of this article anyway, and it's a pretty simple explanation.

My partner Daniela Larsen originally had intended to purchase Classic Books from its previous owner, Dana Chamberlain. Dana, who is a really great friend of mine for more than 10 years, fell to ill health, and over the course of the last three years the health of the business followed suit. By the time Daniela took over operations for her late last year, the relationships with the vendors were in such a poor state that the store owed more to its creditors than it was worth as a business, so Daniela informed Dana that she couldn't purchase the business, but would do her best to honor the outstanding customer orders. As Dana's Classic Books had also been the retail fulfillment for George Wythe College Bookstore, and as the customer base of both these businesses is virtually the same as the one we target, we had an interest in taking up those customer relationships as well as trying to salvage a good reputation for two entities with which we would inevitably be identified.

Perhaps it was not good sense--it has been a real struggle to start a business while trying to give a soft landing to two other stores which were ceasing operations, but there it is. We have been so gratified by the patience, good will and gestures of support by the customers who've had a rough time of it in the transition, and we look forward to living up to their high expectations.

As for the listing with the BBB, it obviously should be changed. It is a reflection of original intentions, and has not been updated to the current state of affairs. As I said, I'm sort of new to this, and it was off my radar. I appreciate you making mention of it.

Hope this helps.


I invited her to post the feedback here at this blog.

*I assume this is the real Rachel DeMille, wife of Oliver


racheldemille said...


Although my experience with Oliver is obviously different from yours and you clearly have an axe to grind, I looked through your links regarding Bill Doughty and noted that you shared not only the unfavorable ones but the responses to them.

Also, you acknowledged publicly your finding that the Classic Books and Gifts is a separate entity from Classic Books. These two "details" lead me to believe that it is not your intention to be inaccurate or unfair. I applaud you for your honesty.

In this spirit, I thought I should alert you to a factual error in your recent edit of the Oliver DeMille Wikipedia article, no doubt based on the information you read in the article in the Herald. It incorrectly cites Nathan Larsen and Oliver DeMille as owners of the bookstore. Daniela and I are the owners of the bookstore. I would love to enlist my husband and hers, but alas, this has not happened. Daniela and I are still going it alone, LOL.


The Real George Wythe said...

Thanks for your post Rachel.