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Friday, April 10, 2009

UPDATE 6: Wikipedia Editor

See the bottom of this page. The editor (Arationalguy), who identifies himself as Dan (which is consistent with what we have learned about him), may be trying to clarify here that the other editor (4by40) was in fact his wife, who we have learned serves in a high position with George Wythe University / George Wythe Foundation.

UPDATE: Let me emphasize here, in response to his third appeal to be unblocked from Wikipedia, which refers to this posting, that he is the one who publicly disclosed his first name, and that because someone with the same name has used this avatar at several other websites, it is easy to assume it is the same person. We already disclaimed that this could in fact be someone posing as this person -- we can never know for sure.

But we have established here that we will not now nor ever identify him at this blog or anywhere else, out of respect for his privacy. I would encourage him to respect his own privacy as well and stop rehashing the issue, as I then feel forced to re-clarify here that we will not disclose his identity.


Anonymous said...

I have no idea who "Dan" is.

But if it is Dan Ralphs, his statement "I'm not part of GW" is incredibly misleading. It may not be a blatant lie, since he may not have been affiliated with the school as of March 29, 2009. But he was heavily involved with GWC for a long time, and to pretend that he is not part of that community is simply disingenuous.

If it was not Dan Ralphs, I apologize - and Dan Ralphs can easily comment and deny that he's the "Dan" in question.

Anonymous said...

The "spouse card" is what sockpuppets always try to play.

The Real George Wythe said...

It's not Dan Ralphs.

Anonymous said...

I hope his wife knows that he is using her a his sockpuppet. What a jerk!

Anonymous said...

As one of the people who discovered who "arationalguy" really is, I will say that it was not hard. I didn't spend time "digging" for it in dark corners of the web. In fact, while I know his name and involvement, I also know more people at GW and their screen names. I am everywhere. I am eagle eye.

J.L.L said...

Wow. I have missed the entire Wikipedia saga. I looked over the history of changes and the accusations, appeals, etc. Someone had told me that there was probably going to be a PR push with GWC awhile ago.

You know, there really is a problem here of people trying to pretend to be something they're not, which is something that I know you wrote about. It's this constant pretending. At some point, it becomes deception. It's worse than a lie.

Good work with the whole wikipedia thing.