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Saturday, April 4, 2009

UPDATE 2: Wikipedia Whitewash and Callout to Rachel DeMille

It appears that the editor known as Ibinthinkin is at the very least a close associate of DeMille, if not DeMille himself. Here is my reasoning:

1. The person is likely at least 40 years old (see this edit)

2. I get the distinct sense that it's a male engaging with me

3. He described two of his children (I will not link to the edit or go into detail here out of respect; whether it's DeMille or not, it's beyond me why the individual brought his children into it)

4. To back up an assertion that he attended BYU on a full scholarship, as well as myriad details about his life in high school, he added a reference to sixteen (!) obscure local newspaper articles from the early- to mid-1980s. These are not available anywhere online. (see here) This person later claimed he got the articles from DeMille's mother (see here)

5. To back up an assertion in the article that he had "a 3.89 GPA" at BYU he added a link to an image of DeMille's transcript, suddenly uploaded as a stand-alone link at www.tjedonline.com. This site is owned and run by the DeMilles. (I won't link to it here because it contains sensitive, personally-identifiable information, and I encourage DeMille to take it down ASAP) UPDATE on 4/15/09: The transcript has been taken down.

Obviously, I am making my own conclusions based on the evidence, and I could be wrong.

Frankly, I'm so battered and bruised from the back-and-forth on Wikipedia, and my reputation there has been so tarnished by the persistent assertions and accusations of this/these pro-GW individual(s), I'm not sure I'm going to have much credibility editing articles anymore, which is sad for me. I have tried very hard to make neutral article edits. But if my efforts to paint a neutral picture of George Wythe College / University helps just one person avoid the trap my relative fell into, it is worth the sacrifice.

I guess I am fighting to my own Wikipedia death, and I am losing!!!

I am asking Mrs. DeMille, who recently posted at this blog, to either call off this editor or have Mr. DeMille post here and disavow the person's tendentious editing.

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Anonymous said...

I've read through the Wiki debacle and agree that it is pretty rough over there. My advice would be to get what you can into the Wiki articles without killing your Wiki career. Your most powerful forum for getting the truth out is your blog. Good luck and keep up the good work.