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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

UPDATE 4: Pro GWU Editors Were Indeed Sockpuppets

My suspicions were 2/3rds confirmed: the two Wikipedia editors making the most drastic changes to the George Wythe University article were, in fact, the same person. A clear violation of Wikipedia policy. Both editors have been blocked indefinitely. You can read the verdict here.

What is most disheartening about this is that whoever this was claimed to be making his edits in the spirit of honesty and truth. You can see him lying about being a sockpuppet here and here.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a blogger, so I apologize in advance if I'm violating blogging protocol by posting this here. But I would simply like to express deep appreciation to The Real George Wythe for the time and effort you spend in maintaining this blog. At the outset I want to clearly state that I'm not hostile to GWC. In fact, over the years I have had a fair amount of involvement with GWC; several of my immediate family members have either attended school there on a full-time basis or participated in a number of seminars. I participated in several of their seminars myself, both on- and off-campus, before concluding that for the most part they were a waste of time (generally interesting and useful source material, however). I know Oliver, Shannon, and company reasonably well and believe that they are well-intentioned and sincere - although I think it's hard to dispute the fact that Oliver overstated his credentials in the past. I'll come back and post more later, but for now will simply say thank you for providing a valuable service. I think it's crucial for people who are considering GWC to consider whether they will ever realise any benefit from the investment they make in going there, and to consider the opportunity costs involved in choosing GWC over an accredited school; I have this argument with my own family members from time to time. Your blog is a valuable resource. Please keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Let me add to what the anonymous poster just said.

Some people from GW have tried to make critics look obsessed or crazy for posting and doing reading and research on their school.

It may seem strange to some of those people that somebody would invest time in doing what they see as trashing somebody else's reputation. They have said in other forums that DeMille is just a guy who writes books, and you can read them or not.

My response is this: GW is stealing money from people who have been lied to regarding accreditation. There have been promises made that the accreditation process is almost complete. Unfortunately, this does not look like a reality for GW at this point.

Next, unsuspecting homeschool parents purchase DeMille's books because they see his name listed as "Dr." or "Oliver DeMille, Ph.D." These titles make somebody look like an authority on the topics that they write about. DeMille has written about child development, and provided several developmental stages by which people are expected to follow. However, he is not a child development expert. He writes about education, yet he apparently doesn't understand educational research. However, to unsuspecting people, his "Ph.D." dissolves doubt. People deserve to know about his highly questionable credentials.

George Wythe University is hoping to build a billion dollar campus in a small southern Utah town (Monticello). The impact will change the community both politically and socially. Since GW is an extremely political group, they can use their bully pulpit to change politics in their small town, especially if they have all or their students and faculty in that location. Socially, they will impact the community if (hopefully not) they push for tax credits, etc. to build their campus.

For these reasons, those of us who criticize DeMille, GW, and their associates, are not obsessed or crazy. We see it as a public service. We are not trying to make a biased wikipedia page, we just want truth and reality out there to balance the cult of personality that is Oliver Van DeMille