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Friday, April 3, 2009

Wikipedia Whitewash of G. Wythe Articles

The George Wythe University and Oliver DeMille articles are currently bombarded by GWU students, faculty, both (not sure exactly) diligently whitewashing anything that may reflect poorly on the school. The main points gone are that (1) GW previously awarded degrees based on life experience; and (2) DeMille may have made up some of his degrees in the past. I suspect one (or all) of the editors is Shanon Brooks, director of marketing for the school.

If you want some insight into how, in my experience, GW students / faculty tend to engage in discussion with those of a different viewpoint, check out the talk pages of these articles (linked to the left on this blog). One of the first responses when presented with damning evidence is to attack the opponent personally. Close behind is the straw man, the favorite fallacy it seems of GW adherents. For example, they often define your terms for you, then attack the definition they made up for you.

Wikipedia articles must conform to an ideal called "neutral point of view," meaning articles should not be presented from a pro- or con perspective, but rather from a neutral perspective. The facts in this case are damning enough that they speak for themselves even from a neutral perspective.

The nature of Wikipedia is such that if enough people get on there, majority rules, not a neutral point of view, and not the truth. Sadly in this case, the truth is losing.


Anonymous said...

I have been a long-time proponent of GWU and TJEd. This "whitewash" is more than I can bear. I have read all of the articles you've posted and have read the Wikipedia articles and the "talk" which overwhelmingly was pro-GWU. There is no doubt in my mind that these so called uholders of neutrality are GWU supporters. I'm all for fairness and find it curious that instead of refuting your documented sources they solely seek to remove them from Wikipedia on the grounds that the information is irrelevant. I find this arrogant and deceptive to those of us who have supported the school and the DeMilles. I have yet to hear them dispute the allegations of dishonesty, other than to accuse those who disagree with them of "having an axe to grind." This is enough for me to lose faith in a school I have supported financially and vocally. I only have a few credits left before I graduate from this institution. My mentor has been fabulous and is the only reason I don't quit now, plus I've already spend thousands of dollars on my education. Once I'm done, I won't spend another penny supporting this school - but I will continue working with mentor. I certainly feel used and misled by Brooks and DeMille.

R.C. said...

I am sorry you have had this experience there. No doubt that countless others have had the same experiences as you.

The thing that I find most interesting is that those of us who are LDS are vulnerable to people like DeMille and Brooks who claim to have found something and become self-appointed experts at something.

As I have posted in other forums, I have been accused of using the same tactics as anti-mormons to attack Oliver and George Wythe College.

The bottom line is this: Oliver DeMille is not a prophet, his school is not the church, and his TJED is not scripture. Once people come to accept that distinction, they are able to be more objective (as they should be in academic institutions).

Feel free to email me at random.critic@yahoo.com