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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Review of the GW Board

Below is a summary of GW's Board of Trustees. Note that of the 14 board members, only six claim doctoral degrees, four of which are from either GW or its sister school, CRBU.
Vicki Jo Anderson BYU GWU -
Rusty T. Bastian USU UofU-
J. Monte Bledsoe ---
Shanon BrooksGWUGWUGWU
Allan Burton --QU (Law)
Julie Earley -GWUGWU
Doug Free BYU--
Andrew Groft --GWU
Diann Jeppson (Chair) GWU--
Ken KrogueUofU--
Lyle Mast ---
Shane Schulthies BYU-BYU
Tryge Simpson ---

Note also that while the board chair, Diann Jeppson, has only a bachelor's degree from GW, she "is currently pursuing a Masters in Education at George Wythe University."

Following is a summary of the degrees, listed by school. Note that this is probably an incomplete listing, as many of the biographies list no degree at all (I assume all the members of the board have at least one degree from somewhere).

Name Bachelor's Master's DoctorateTotal
None 7 9 824
GWU 2 3 38
BYU 4 0 15
UofU 1 1 02
CRBU 0 1 12
USU 1 0 01
QU 0 0 11

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