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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This is Not a Joke

The following is an excerpt from actual "scenario" put forth by GW for an actual, serious "simulation" exercise. This is the mindset of the school:

"The year is 2013. Just months ago, President Obama won the election and began his second term as President of the United States. On February 23, while Air Force 1 was taking off from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, a hidden guerilla fighter was able to deploy an RPG. The rocket propelled grenade hit engine #3, ignited the fuel cells, and brought the President and everyone aboard down in a mass of flames. The devastation was recorded by numerous media agencies and all 112 people aboard died. Vice-President Hillary Clinton took office within hours of the confirmation that the President had, indeed, perished.

"On March 15, 2013 the most sophisticated and wide-reaching web of intrigue in the history of the world was played out within a ninety-minute window. A precise combination of nuclear attacks launched between the United States, Russia, Europe, India, Pakistan, North Korea, China, Taiwan, and even Cuba, devastated most of the major world capitals."

The synopsis goes on to describe how a window of opportunity has opened up to create a new, revolutionary constitution, and how different factions are competing for influence over just how to fashion it.

As "out there" as this scenario may seem, the school saw fit to arrange a four-day "Statesmanship Invitational" to act out the situation (see here). This is the kind of useful, statesman-like education you can receive nowhere but at George Wythe University. For $190, you too can participate!

(Well, you might get it by reading Gerald Lund's The Alliance, which bears eerie similarities to this scenario, but I digress...)

CLARIFICATION: I have no problem with Lund, and to his credit he clearly labels his book as fantasy/science fiction. I don't think he's living in a dreamworld where he expects this type of scenario to actually play out. I mention the book, which I read as a teenager, to make the point that (1) GW leadership does appear to be living in such a dreamworld, and (2) whoever wrote this "simulation" might possibly have been influenced by Lund's book.

Check out the "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" section in the book's Amazon.com listing. The 5000 Year Leap, The Hiding Place, and The Real George Washington, along with other GW favorites, appear there as well.

But Lund's book is fantasy, people -- GW's "simulation" was a four-day, serious exercise.


R.C. said...

It found two things funny about that scenario. 1) Hilary Clinton
as VP. That is enough to make right wingers go nuts! 2) Google, who owns YouTube is in California. How could YouTube broadcast when its servers and employees are obviously dead?

James F. said...

Bunch of nuts. It really bothers me when people use these fear mongering tactics and "doomsday scenarios" just to get attention. They say that they are just preparing for the worst case, but it is obvious that there is much more of an agenda behind this type of rhetoric. And yes, that does include Gerald Lund, Chris Steward, and certainly the likes of Glenn Beck. Oh, and the CIA, FBI, and US Military purportedly "war game" worst case scenarios. Oh, and the Bible has a few "doomsday scenarios" too, but that stuff certainly won't be some thought up "simulation" and definitely won't playing out in our lifetimes.

I certainly prefer an institute of higher education that assumes that our future challenges will never include the world falling apart. Seriously, who wants to submit themselves to this paranoia much less pay $190 for it?

The Real George Wythe said...

Re: James F

I don't know Lund's politics, but I hadn't intended to cast him in a bad light. I added a note of clarification to the post.

Anonymous said...

Finally, a school where I can go to improve my role-playing game skills. Look out everone, I will soon be a 20th level elf cleric.

James F. said...

Yeah, sorry, I also didn't want to cast Lund in a bad light. I should have played the "pick and choose" game more carefully when talking about people that have built at least part of their career assuming that bad--I mean really bad times are ahead.

Lund is clearly exempt from this crowd. As an author it is very unlikely that his writings reflect his personal "predications" about the future. And I see what you're saying about whoever put together the simulation was likely influenced by Lund's book. You know we really ought to try to contact him and let him know that someone is actually foolish enough to take his work of fiction seriously. I have a friend that is an author, and she is always bothered when people take her books seriously. I mean she's a fiction writer for heavens sake!

And it is obvious that GWU doesn't can't really decide how the world is going to be thrown into chaos. I've seen other simulations that they have put together that are equally bizarre but yet much different than this one. Everything from Nuclear Holocaust, to just economic depression. But yeah, the one thing that is in common is always "Oh no, we're all going to be in huge trouble and have to rebuild our government and society. Lets practice how to do it." I mean when you base your study around these fantasies, what kind of education are you going to end up with?? I mean you might know what to do if Hillary Clinton ends up as President, but will you actually have a job?

Wave rider said...

I don't think this scenario is that big of a deal. It's not so different than what happens at many schools across America. I do have a problem with some of the leadership at GWU. Groft for one is a shady character. The others who have these fake degrees are a problem as well. Overall the education they provide can have some value but I don't see it as being all that unique.