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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Beck Donation

GW is reporting that Glenn Beck donated $25,000 to the school after the gala. Whether this was an in-kind donation (i.e. reduction of his usual speaking fee) or a cash donation isn't clear.

According to his management company, "Glenn Beck travels from New York, New York and requires Private Jet." Bringing him out must not have been cheap (speaking fee plus travel costs on a private jet), and it makes sense that he would cut the school a break through an in-kind donation.

Beck dining with students (Source: GWU)

"'Quite honestly, the first thing that attracted me was that to graduate you have to know all of the principles behind The Five Thousand Year Leap,' Beck said." Indeed, incoming freshmen are required to read this book before any other.


Anonymous said...

Not only is George Wythe University reporting that Glenn Beck donated that money, he actually did. I was there to witness him say it. Although - it was not in-kind. He was touched by the younger people who had earned money through programs such as Pennies Per Page etc... and who had earned $500 dollars by themselves to be able to attend the Gala. Glenn Beck got emotional because he knew, after seeing this and speaking with the GW students at his table, that there IS hope for America. THAT is why he donated.

The Real George Wythe said...

Anonymous -

Did you see him write a check? I want to believe GW's press releases, but I'm so disillusioned by all the exaggeration and spin from the past (e.g. The First Fifteen Years) that I have a hard time taking things from GW at face value. If he actually wrote a check, then I guess that resolves it.

James F. said...

I think a lot of assumptions are being made. First off RGW, you suggest that GWU paid for a private jet for Beck (from New York to SLC?), however that is likely not the case. The fundraising Gala was on Saturday, and then Beck's comedy tour kicked off two days later on Monday in Denver. So he likely stayed in SLC Sunday and then flew to Denver on Monday. He already needed to be in the area and it is safe to assume that if GWU paid for travel expenses, they didn't pay for the whole trip.

But really, we don't know about any of this do we? We have no idea how much Beck charged for this speaking engagement, travel, accommodations, or anything else. Guessing is just going to produce a guess unless more information is released.

All we really know is what has been said. Judging from Beck's comments on the radio and at the Gala itself, it seems he likes the school. You kind try to skirt around that all you want and try to paint this relationship as Beck just wanting money from a speaking engagement...but since you have said that you "respect and admire" Beck, I think we could at least give him the benefit of the doubt.

The Real George Wythe said...

James -

I don't know what specific arrangement Beck had with the school. His speaking bureau says he requires travel by private jet. I do not know what portion of this, if any, GWU was required to cover.

Recall when Sean Hannity visited UVSC a few years back in response to Michael Moore's visit, when "Hannity agreed to waive his speaking fee ... as long as UVSC covered his travel expenses, including a private jet." His fee was $100K. I would venture that Beck's normal fee is less than that, but probably north of $25,000. (After all, he's the #3 radio host in the U.S., right behind Hannity.)

So yes, it is a possibility that Beck waived his speaking fee. It is also possible that he covered his travel costs personally or that GWU only covered part of them.

But those are assumptions too!

Even Hannity, who seemed to truly believe in the UVSC cause (and the chance to counter Moore), still required the school to cover his travel costs, which I recall were around $50K (private jet for himself and his radio show entourage, as travel for these radio show hosts often involves doing their daily show remotely at a local studio, which Hannity did at KSL on his visit).

However, I would venture that if Beck waived his speaking fee and paid the private jet and other costs, this fact would be trumpeted in GWU's press releases.

Hence my suspicion that (1) he didn't waive his speaking fee (although he may have reduced it), and (2) the donation involved waiving a portion of the speaking fee.

Even if this is not the case and he did write a check, it would be a wash since the donation is likely (see above) below the amount of his usual speaking fee.

All this is not to say Beck is not sincere in his support for the school. I do not dispute that.

R.C. said...

Even if Beck supports the school financially, he has the sense to know when he is throwing money away. For a rich person, $25K is not a lot of money. The Huffington Post (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2007/11/05/glenn-beck-resigns-radio_n_71123.html) says that Glenn Beck's radio deal is $50 million over 5 years. I haven't seen any info regarding his Fox salary on top of that. That aside, it is a fair assumption that Beck didn't arrive in SLC on his own dime. Tickets for the gala started at $500.00.

He has said on his show that now he travels in regions, in other words he doesn't just go to one place at a time.

The true test of his support for the school would be where his kids end up going. He has a pre college-age daughter that he has mentioned wants to go to Columbia. Beck himself attended Yale for a brief period. Obviously he has no control over where his daughter goes, but his influence, money, and recommendation is worth something, right? I wonder if Glenn Beck would be comfortable sending his own child to a school that lacks accreditation?

James F. said...

Just more speculation...

Until more information comes out (and it likely never will) I don't see much of a point to all of this.

So do you guys still respect and admire Beck? Or does this whole ordeal take him down a few notches?

R.C. said...

Personally, I like to listen to Glenn Beck when I am driving to a job that is 45 minutes from home (usually right during the first hour of Glenn Beck). I have never been able to watch his show - he cuts people off, topics jump around too frequently, etc.

In fact, I started listening to Glenn Beck when Mike Huckabee made anti-mormon comments to the New York Times. Since then I have listened at least 3 times a week to 1 hour of his TV show. My wife loves Beck and Bill O'Reilly. I also like watching Glenn Beck when he is on Bill O'Reilly.

Do I agree with his outlook on America? I agree with some of what he says. His show is just more engaging than others at that same time in the market where I work.

All of this being said, I can see how Glenn Beck would be impressed with GWU, but I personally don't think he has given it much thought. He must be a very busy man and I doubt he has the time to read about GWU. His judgements, in my mind, are based on his brief experiences with them.