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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Justice Goodloe Speaks from the Grave

GWU currently runs the following quote on its homepage, attributed to "Justice William C. Goodloe, Washington Supreme Court (Ret.)":

"Students attend class excited and yearning to learn; they graduate motivated and dedicated to serve. Our nation, indeed our world, needs the education George Wythe University is promoting."

Fine. Problem is, Goodloe died in 1997, 11 years before the school started calling itself a "university." Either Goodloe was a prophet, or GWU has modified his quote without being honest about it. Or he came back from the grave—I mean urn (he was cremated)—to give this quote. Or they made it up.


R.C. said...

I love the "(ret.)" at the end of the quote. It sounds like the good judge took a long retirement.

They are shameless.

James F. said...

"Or they made it up." You are accusing them of making up the entire quote?

You know it is a possibility he really said "University" without even being a prophet. I mean it isn't totally inconceivable that he said "University" even when the school was a "College". Just a possibility though.

However if that isn't the case then I certainly agree that it is wrong for GWU to have changed the quote without bracketing or otherwise denoting. And they ought to change it.

Nice find though. Leave no rock unturned, eh?

R.C. said...

James: It is a fair question to ask. In fact, a letter to the editor regarding William Doughty (written by his own son) referred the then college as "George Wythe Univeristy". Maybe they were calling it back then? It is a possibility since Coral Ridge was a university.

The Real George Wythe said...

James F -

Fair enough -- RC is right, someone did indeed call it GWU in a Deseret News letter to the editor back in 1994. Perhaps Goodloe did the same thing.

That being said, I'd be interested to see the source of this quote. I don't remember seeing it in anything GW has published.