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Monday, June 8, 2009

Update on Goodloe quote

It appears this blog is having at least a microscopic impact -- GW has changed the Goodloe quote on its homepage to reflect the fact that he died 11 years before it was known as George Wythe University.

A glint of transparency!

Now if they could only correct the exaggerations and obfuscations contained in the official history.


James F. said...

<--cough, cough...--> While I know you expect that the entire staff at GWU has your blog in their RSS readers, I do believe it was only after someone took the rather obvious step of emailing GWU directly that they realized that they had made a mistake and needed to correct it.

For what its worth, you're welcome. ;)

I would be interested in seeing more direct dialog between you and GWU. Certainly they won't be interested in responding to everything you are researching, just as you aren't interested in writing about every faucet of the school. However I think this could yield more understanding and more reliable information on the school.

R.C. said...

I can't speak for the Real George Wythe, but many emails I send go unanswered. It isn't because I write inflamitory stuff either.

I don't research every faucet of the school, just the ones in the break room.

The Real George Wythe said...

RC is right -- I have sent a handful of emails in the past, and have never had a response. Obviously you have an in with someone there, are a student there, or work there. The fact that you were able to take action on this (while they ignore me) means the blog has had a slight impact.

The Real George Wythe said...

You being James F. that is. :)

James F. said...

:) I actually sent the email using an alias name and alias email address. So maybe that's what you should try next time. Or the next time you convince me there is a real discrepancy, I'll email them again. ;)

Really though, the Goodloe quote was the first time that I really didn't see any other explanations--there was definitely something wrong.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the quote was trimmed to fit into its new space on the home page during the website redesign. Meanwhile, a web designer thought he'd make it less confusing but forgot the brackets. Wow. A conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

Anon -

No conspiracy. But the quote was not on the website before; it was in the pdf catalog. In fact, it's still in that same pdf catalog. It didn't appear in html format on the website until after they changed the name. So the explanation that it was the result of a search-and-replace doesn't hold water. But explanations filled with holes are common coming from this school.

James F. said...

Huh, that's funny RGW, because I think that explanations filled with holes are pretty common coming from YOU too. :)

I thought that we were happy that they made the change to the quote. Now can't we just concede this point? We don't know the exact process that the website went through during the transition. It is possible that they had a version of their new website in the works before "College" became "University", so when the name change was made, even though the new website hadn't been online yet, they had to do a search and replace to make it current.

It's also possible that they lied about it. I admit, it's a possibility. But then it's also a possibility that many other things are lies. I mean if you didn't see a particular event with your own eyes, how do you know that you aren't being lied to? You don't. Simple as that. So perhaps we shouldn't be so trusting of anything then, eh?

James F. said...

Oops, I owe an apology. I thought that the previous comment was made by RGW. So I incorrectly attributed "explanations filled with holes" to RGW when it was really stated by some guy named "Anonymous" that's been posting here a lot. :)

My apologies. But I do stand by what I said. ;)