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Monday, July 13, 2009

Mr. DeMille has been modest in his account of his studies

This reader comment left by a DeMille Disciple made me smile.

I particularly liked the part about how Oliver DeMille "could whip [my] whiney under-grad behind with both contacs[sic?] and his writing hand tied behind his back."

Spoken like a true statesman!

First show me where DeMille has constructed a coherent essay, and then we'll talk. :)


R.C. said...

Oh yes, so modest. He is so modest when he claims that he would complete all of his coursework months before finals and ask the professor for more reading. No, he is not pretentious at all. He never makes any questionable claims about public schools. He never tries to criticize universities other than his own. Oh yes, so modest.

James F. said...

Hehehehe, apparently it has been a slow news month. Now we're writing blog posts based on comments of previous blog posts.

Wow, you're taking constructive criticism of GWU and DeMille to new heights with this one RGW. ;)

But admittedly I am happy to at least see another blog post. I have been getting bored with things around here being so slow.

T.R. said...

Slow, maybe, but that is because the academic gnomes at GWU haven't been very busy lately. I can't imagine why, it seems like a real world scenario is playing out before our eyes. Off topic translation: is healthcare a right? Why doesn't the think tank Meadeau View tackle that one in any substantive way.

James F. said...

T.R. are you R.C.? I'm feeling like it might be more appropriate for me to now go by J.F. O.K.?

Real world scenarios are playing out before our eyes? Wow, somebody better tell those "academic gnomes at GWU"--'cause they're missin' the boat! By golly!

T.R. said...

Yeah, I'm R.C. Are you Matlock? How did you figure that one out?
As we speak, a new world order is forming!!!