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Friday, July 17, 2009

Slash! Bam! The Latest GWU Seminar!!!

GWU has announced a new seminar. As always, you can't make this stuff up:

"What power is shared by Shakespeare, Karl Marx, Thomas Jefferson, and Barack Obama? What is the fourth fundamental force yet to be identified by scientists-the divinely primal force that set the identified three in motion? The answer is the same for both questions. This is no mere trivia; the answer and its skilled application are elementary to the success of statesmen and the cultivation of freedom.

"Want to know the answer?

"Grapple with it, bathe in it, submit to it by attending this online seminar. Answer these questions, harness the power contained and the world will beat a path to your door, Archimedes' lever will spring from your fingertips, your business will not have room to receive its blessings, competitors will shrivel under its light, and your mark will be emblazoned for posterity. Are you prepared to wield this force?"

All this for only $799!

Of course, if GWU mentors are good enough at this to teach it, why don't they attempt to publish something outside the school newsletter?


T.R. said...

I could just read "The Secret" and follow Oprah's book club to answer that one. The only fee I might need is for $0.10 late fees to the library and possibly a subscription to Oprah.com.

James F. said...

What, are you just bitter that people actually pay $799 for this? That's a bargain compared to some of the other seminars GWU has sponsored.

So what is the real problem here? Leadership seminars like this occur all over the country and yes, people pay big bucks for them. What gives???

Anonymous said...

What gives is that the buyer does not know what GWU is selling. Their advertisement is vague. I would have a problem with any business that would try to sell vagueness for almost 800 bucks. I say buyer beware!

James F. said...

Ah yes, we must protect the poor utterly ignorant consumer that might by happenstance come across such a "vague" invitation for a seminar. Why I bet there are hundreds of such ignoramuses being swindled out of their hard earned money--spending it on such questionable seminars.

Yes, buyer beware indeed! But is that really enough? Freedom of speech and assembly we may have, but surely we can't trust the lowly citizen to distinguish such an illegitimate "seminar" from a real seminar sponsored by government endorsed, certified, licensed, and funded university. We must exert all necessary effort to bring our people to the overflowing fountain of conventional wisdom. Else we might loose them to the cunning of the truth.

Oh the humanity!

Anonymous said...

Whatever "floats your boat." I just stated my opinion on the GWU advertisement. I've shelled out enough money on GWU seminars which didn't deliver as promised. If others want to spend their hard earned money on hyperbole, so be it.

GWU's unconventionality does not bother me. I would be disingenuous if I said there was no truth in their seminars. That said, they are not worth almost 1000 dollars. If people in this economy wish to spend their money on "pipe" dreams, they are welcomed to do so.

Anonymous said...

Seminar description seems to have change to be a little more down to earth. Also, someone forgot to pay the bill for Mr. Palmer's Killing Sacred Cows website, www.killingsacredcows.com. It says "account not active". It can happen to the best of us...

R.C. said...
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