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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where did Beck's donation go? - UPDATED

I thought that Glenn Beck was donating $25,000 directly to George Wythe University (through the George Wythe Foundation), but the press release is vague on this point:

"Beck urged supporting the private classical liberal arts university’s singular mission of building statesmen and made a personal donation of $25,000."

I recall seeing something about the money possibly going to a teenage girl's foundation. Can anyone confirm that the donation did, in fact, go to the school?

7/29/09 UPDATE

Let me shed a little more light on this. Beck did not in fact donate $25K directly to the school, he pledged the money to www.infund.org:

"Glenn Beck has already pledged $25,000 to Into the Next Chapter to support George Wythe University, a private liberal arts college. That’s a penny a page for 2.5 million pages!"

Earlier today, the school sent out an email saying:

"You can help the youth leading the read-a-thon and GWU by recording any pages you have read (including audio books and reading to someone else) since May 31st. You can be any age to record the pages you've read! Every page gets us closer to collecting the $25,000 pledged to GWU by Glenn Beck."

Here is a list of the top ten readers since May 31 (as of today):

Jefferson D. (provo, ut)
29,538 Pages
Yuko H. (Dayton, Ohio)
29,130 Pages
Martha R. (Provo, Utah)
24,061 Pages
Annette M. (Pasadena, CA)
22,246 Pages
Aaron H. (branson, MO.)
19,358 Pages
Alexis T. (Kaysville, utah)
19,105 Pages
Beth B. (Springville, Utah)
18,038 Pages
JohnThomas D. (Provo, UT)
17,832 Pages
Ginnie B. (Monticello, UT)
16,127 Pages
Michael J. (West Valley, UT)
16,037 Pages

The number one person is QUITE prolific, claiming to average 500 pages a day since May 31. Wow!!! I'm sure Glenn Beck will trust these numbers without question! Err, maybe not.

Re-read the press release quote at the beginning of this post. Not entirely truthful, I'd say. It said nothing about this www.infund.org website, nor did it mention that the "donation" was actually a pledge dependent followers reading 2.5 million pages.


Anonymous said...

Some of the adults backing GWU are claiming success with over 1 million pages read so far. They're extending the program until August 31st. I believe Beck gave the two girls until tomorrow to read 25 million pages! I don't see how they can say they've succeeded when they're still 24 million pages short and tomorrow is the deadline. The program is being extended so they can add an addional 100,000 dollars to Becks money. The problem is they have many readers but hardly any sponsers. What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it's "additional" and "Beck's money." Thought I'd correct my errors.

Anonymous said...

My mistake again. It looks like they have to read 1.5 million more pages. Did they make the goal?