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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reactions to Glenn Beck Gala


R.C. said...
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Alison Moore Smith said...

The unnamed protestors utterly lack credibility. Pointed critique on facts is helpful. Random, general, broad ad hominem is not.

Frankly, I think Beck was duped into coming to this group. He isn't intimately familiar with their philosophies.

James F. said...

Is one who is so easily duped really a person that can be trusted? You can bet that Beck receives a great deal of invitations to such paid events. He and his staff must by necessity vet through all such invitations. So what, this one just slipped through the cracks?

If GWU really is all that you who are so critical think it is, then I am at least impressed that they are able to put on such a good act. They are either truly devious or truly devoted to these ideas.

The Real George Wythe said...

James, there are more alternatives than just the two you listed. How about "self-deceived" or "well-intentioned but wrong"?