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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

School Clarifies Beck Donation

The school has issued a clarifying statement on Beck's donation:

"At the GWU Fundraising Gala in May, Glenn Beck pledged up to $25,000 to 14-year old Rachelle Harkey to read 2.5 million pages and earn $.01/page towards her fundraising efforts for GWU.

"Rachelle Harkey is one of nine philanthropists age 12 to 16 who each donated for a seat at the youth table hosted by Initiative Fund (IF). She raised the funds to attend the Gala by holding a read-a-thon and going door-to-door for sponsors, exceeding the amount she needed to attend the Gala by $1000, which she also donated to GWU.

"With so much success, Rachelle was determined to raise more for GWU through another read-a-thon. Before the Gala, she created a plan and a logo for her organization called Into the Next Chapter. At a tuxedo shop in Salt Lake City the night before the Gala, she and her family bumped into Glenn Beck while shopping with his friend who was getting a tux. After talking about the Gala, leadership education, and current events, Rachelle introduced her idea of raising funds for GWU. She was surprised the next evening when Glenn Beck personally pledged $25,000 at a penny a page for her read-a-thon!

"IF, an organization founded by Sara Patterson and built by youth to raise funds for select causes, is now teaming up with Into the Next Chapter to hold a read-a-thon in July and August. Not only do they want to read enough pages to get the entire $25,000 pledge, but they are also asking for sponsors to pledge a penny a page for a selected number of pages with a goal of $.05/page totaling $125,000."

This in contrast to the original press release, which cryptically said "Beck urged supporting the private classical liberal arts university’s singular mission of building statesmen and made a personal donation of $25,000" with zero mention that this donation was to a little girl's foundation (with an honorable goal I might add).

Clear obfuscation on GWU's part.


James F. said...

So, I must admit that this was bothering me. As you have reported RGW it is clearly shown that GWU is twisting Beck's donation to look as though it directly benefited them. It makes it seem as though GWU is SO desperate for an endorsement from Beck that they'll even say that Beck's $25,000 donation to a "girl's foundation" was to THEM.

So anyway, I emailed inFund asking in a general way more information about where the $25,000 and other donations made during their read-a-thon were going. Sara Patterson was kind enough to reply and explain. Surprise surprise, the donations ARE going 100% to GWU and without discretion. The two girls behind inFund and Beck's donation don't have an official non-profit organization, and therefore this and any other donations that have been made to inFund are given directly to the organizations that are non-profit. In the case of this read-a-thon to which Beck pledged $25,000, this was always going to go directly to GWU along with pledges from everyone else for pages read. If Beck had simply asked the girl what she was raising money for (which I think it is safe to assume he did) it would have been clear to Beck from the very beginning that it was all going to GWU.

So we are left with this: Beck knowingly donated $25,000 to GWU, and GWU has correctly reported that Beck donated $25,000 to them. GWU later correctly added the details that the donation was made through a pledge to Initiative Fund which was promoting reading among youth.

The Real George Wythe said...

James -

You have a point.

The seemingly conflicting reports were confusing, hence the questions.

In the end, the donation does appear to be going to GWU.