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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An Original Source!

Following is an insert included in a copy of the book The New World Order: Choosing Between Christ and Satan in the Last Days, written by Keith Lockhart (not that one) and Oliver DeMille.

In fairness, DeMille has distanced himself (see pp. 9-10) from this "youthful study of conspiracy":

"...of course there are some people in the world who meet behind closed doors and conspire to do things that are wrong in order to increase their power and riches, and of course they don’t control the whole world and they aren’t behind every little detail. The important things that get done in this world are done by those who build, not those who bash. Let’s be builders, not bashers."

The insert comes from the same time period when George Wythe College was founded.

ht on scan: another anonymous GWU critic


R.C. said...

Is there any evidence that DeMille or others are or have been John Birch Society members?

Those titles sound very similar to things from the John Birch Society.

James F. said...

I tried ordering but they just took my money and didn't send any of the pamphlets. What I rip off.

DeMille a Bircher? Oh wouldn't that be nice. Speaking of which, contrary to what the Salon article inferred, Skousen was not a member of the JBS, nor did he 'work' for them. Some articles he wrote were featured by the society but he apparently never joined.

So while it is quite interesting and all to see a scanned pamplet order form with DeMille's name on it, what do all ya'll make of it?

J.L.L said...

I have that book (Choosing...). It's not as provocative as I thought it would be. I don't know why he wants to distance himself so much from it. It makes more sense than the TJEd book.