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Monday, November 16, 2009

Disturbing Guest Post

(Ed. Note: I received the following message from a former student who loaned a significant sum of money to George Wythe College / University and was not repaid. This individual has agreed to have the message presented as a guest post. UPDATE: While the representations in this post are those of the guest poster alone, everything I have seen to date related to this leads me to believe her. She has given permission to publish the loan agreement, etc., which I have now done in a new post. /UPDATE)


I have visited your site often. At first, I could not understand the malice expressed here. Now I do. I was a student for 4 years and such an avid supporter that I recently LOST MY HOUSE because of George Wythe.

This video of the Hyland Hotel was shown to me by Shanon Brooks in October of 2007. He stated to me that he had raised enough money to purchase the hotel, and that it would be the first Monticello campus building. He "had most of the money raised, just needed $150,000 to finish the purchase."

Brooks wrote up a contract. Besides guaranteeing repayment of the loan, the contract included tuition for perpetuity for me, tuition for my children and grandchildren, and promises of land for a Permaculture Institute.


Instead of using my money to purchase the hotel as promised, the school leased it. Shanon and his family lived there and ran a class for about 10 students out of it.

They also used my money to build some outdoor bathrooms and construct a metal pavilion.

Brooks made promises of a big development and showed me plans for a subdivision, assuring me that the school had had a $1 million dollar donation.

It had not.

It had a 100 acre donation of land in Monticello from Carl Barton. This land is owned by GW free and clear. Another resident, Denny Reznik, made a donation of 100 acres, conditional upon them putting a building on the land. GW purchased another 240 acres with a loan.

The school has since defaulted on the loan for that land and it is my understanding that it will be foreclosed on if funds are not paid by the first of the year. I have seen the contracts.

In the meantime, GW's claim of $1 million in assets is ridiculous. I am aware of much record changing.

This site has my permission to disclose the contract I had, as well as my attorney's letter. According to Condition D, the University was to repay me. They were bankrupt at the time I sent in the request.

Unfortunately, I am a single mother with 3 young children whom I homeschool. Because of their default in repaying me, I had to sell my house in Enoch, Utah (in the same neighborhood as Oliver and Andy and Shane).

Their treatment of this situation has been DEPLORABLE and in complete opposition to what they teach.

The entire Board's way of dealing with this is deplorable and I will continue to disclose the details of this situation.

Since I live from child support check to child support check, I have no assets to hire an attorney. IF there is anyone out there who could represent me in this matter, I need to recover the $150,000 they took from me.

I have filed a complaint with the Utah Division of Securities and will continue to ask for help from the Utah State Attorney General.

Thank you for this blog as a forum to reveal the REAL GEORGE WYTHE UNIVERSITY...one which I believe is appalling.


Former Student


Anonymous said...

"This site has my permission to disclose the contract I had, as well as my attorney's letter. According to Condition D, the University was to repay me. They were bankrupt at the time I sent in the request."

Are you going to post these? I'm curious to see the evidence of her statements.

J.L.L said...

This is a serious accusation that shouldn't be done anonymously and without evidence. I actually believe the guest poster, but only she is privy to this information. It is not publically available so no one can verify it. And these are statements of fact, and not opinion. (This is why I on my blog I was careful to only include statements made in public sources, not what someone heard once, or what I saw but no one else did).

If the conditions are all as the guest poster indicated, then there is a serious breach of contract and fraud. Without being able to see the contract, we can't verify it. But if the guest poster really needs help, I would put it all out on the table and even get the media involved. Bad publicity like this usually is more motivating than a settlement or lawsuit to them.

The Real George Wythe said...

Thank you for your wise comment, JLL. She has given permission to post the contract and the attorney's letter, which I have now done.