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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hyland Hotel


Remember the Hyland Hotel, which was to become the "George Wythe University Reception Center" in Monticello? The one the school is still soliciting donations to purchase?

What ever happened to that?

Buckley Jensen from the San Juan Record reported in 2008 that the school had leased the building. But then a Monticello resident reported to this blog that the school abandoned it just before Thanksgiving 2008.

The same resident also reported that Shanon Brooks was actually living in part of the building until it was abandoned.

(I hope we see those free living arrangements included as part of Mr. Brooks's compensation in the 2008 IRS 990 filing, which is due no later than 5/15/2010.)

Does anyone out there have any additional information on what the school's current activities in Monticello are, and why they decided to abandon this building? Do they still own the pavilion they built, or has that land been foreclosed?

video source: www.gw.edu

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