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Monday, December 21, 2009

Quick news items

Three quick news items while I work on my second Feynman post:

Coral Ridge site gone
First, it appears all Coral Ridge Baptist University (www.crbu.net) web archives have been removed from archive.org at the request of the site owner. (You'll recall that CRBU is where DeMille got all his degrees after BYU, before he got them before BYU, but then... Forget it, it's pretty confusing.) For a sampling of what that site contained, read this article by Richard Stout.

GWU no longer delinquent
Second, it appears Andrew Groft and team have finally cobbled together the money to renew the George Wythe Foundation's delinquent filings with the State of Utah. Whew! How can you send your kids to a place that can't even do the basics like this? (Incidentally, Groft is now the registered agent instead of Shanon Brooks.)

DeMilles' new venture
Third, the DeMilles have begun offering online TJED classes "with the same system used by George Wythe University." That would be Elluminate. These classes are through their new venture, TJEd Academy and Prep School, an extension of their TJEdOnline.com website (which, coincidentally, is now delinquent in its filings).


Anonymous said...

Thank you for creating this blog!

I happen to be one who respects Oliver DeMille and like the idea of George Wythe University and a Thomas Jefferson Education. I will probably never become a student at the school... but from time to time I do enjoy listening to CD's of lectures given by Oliver DeMille - I also wouldn't rule out paying to attend an occasional seminar/lecture.

That being said, why would I take the time to thank you for this blog?

While I don't agree with everything on it, there is much useful information here. I've actually spent more than a few hours reading various posts and comments on the site. I think it's useful to potential GWU students so that besides just hearing the great things about GWU (that they'll hear from those at GWU) this blog will give them some of the complaints people have had. It helps for making a better informed decision.

Your blog has also brought up the question in my mind, Is GWU actually producing leaders?

I truly believe that among those who study the classics, as GWU suggests, we are likely to see some leaders come from that...

But I can study the "classics" without enrolling in a school.

I know some people who are attending GWU, and some who are graduates. I can honestly say that I consider some of them leaders in regards to what they are accomplishing in life, and what I believe they will accomplish in the future. Some are even published authors (there are comments on this blog regarding that). However, I believe these people would have been leaders whether or not they attended GWU.

Just some thoughts.

And to those commenters who look down upon anonymity... some of the Founding Fathers recognized the need for being able to publish their thoughts anonymously or under pen-names (such as Benjamin Franklin and the authors of the Federalis Papers - Madison, Hamilton, Jay). This also serves to allow the message, not the messenger, to be attacked.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone had any dealing with Keith Lockhart? He co-authored the "New World Order...." book with Oliver Demille. He seems to go from one school to another, (as some sort of administrator)-destroys it then disappears.