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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hillsdale College

Every once in a while someone comments that instead of "attacking" George Wythe College, I should go off and start my own school. As if there were no place for constructive criticism!

Well, I'm not going to found a college. But for anyone looking for a solid, well-principled education with constitutionalist roots, look no further than Hillsdale College.

You can read about a recent visit here, here, and here.

Tuition is nearly $20,000, but the average aid package is $12,000.

From the school:

"A liberal education at Hillsdale College entails the study of things inherently worthwhile—things good, true, and beautiful. As stated in the College Honor Code, this study 'develops the minds and improves the hearts' of students, through which they rise to the challenge of self-government in a free republic. Students refine their intelligence, furnish their understanding, and acquire the abilities and wisdom necessary to lead full, humane lives. In so doing, students, like the College itself, become trustees of 'modern man’s intellectual and spiritual inheritance from the Judeo-Christian faith and Greco-Roman culture.'

"Liberal education begins with the 'core curriculum,' where students are conducted systematically through stages of intellectual growth and acquirement in a variety of disciplines, each worthy of study for its own sake. It does not end there, however, as this learning continues in and extends through the academic majors students pursue after the core curriculum."

By the way, their monthly speech digest--which is free--is excellent. It's called Imprimus, and you can read it here.

(photo credit: Robert J. Avrech)


Anonymous said...

I have had enough and can no longer stay silent. Mr. “Anonymous” who calls himself TRGW, you really should consider the depths of hypocrisy your little witch hunt has led you into. First of all, consider the reason you claim you started this libelous blog of yours, namely to share what you have discovered about George Wythe University and its founders. In your March 16th entry you actually use the words “constructive criticism.” Oddly you only seem to share negative things. Have you ever found anything positive? Has anyone ever told you that GWU effected a positive change in their life? Is it even possible in your limited “tunnel vision” world view, that perhaps there are more people that have been positively effected than not? Has it occurred to you that GWU is actually sharing the principles of freedom with thousands of people and in some small way they may actually be accomplishing their mission to move the cause of liberty?

Contrast that to what you are doing, tearing down an institution dedicated to making America a better place. Seriously, what are your motives? What is your endgame? I just don’t see your “greater good.” In your opinion, do you actually believe that the world would be a better place without GWU in it? There are thousands who have been positively effected by GWU and it’s message and yet you never seem to mention them or their experiences. How is that “constructive?”

On March 16th you took the time to mention a school that you do support. A school based in comparable principles “and constitutionalist roots.” Interestingly you had to go more than 1700 miles to find one. You all but confess that there is nothing better servicing the entire western United States. That is probably why your relative didn’t spend her college savings at Hillsdale, right?

Speaking of which, why doesn’t your so called relative who “blew through her college savings” speak for herself? Why doesn’t she actually take the effort to identify what specifically was such a waste of her time and money. Is it because she is afraid that someone will point out the reality of the situation; that one gets out of something what one puts in. Is it possible that while she was playing the role of victim, her fellow alumni were taking responsibility for their own education and having an incredibly fulfilling liberal arts experience? Who is the villain that made her choose to attend that unaccredited institution? What is the name of the person who forced her to go there? Nobody did. She went of her own free will and as you so plainly point out, she did little to show for her time and money spent there.

Was she perhaps more interested in boys than her studies? Cause that kind of thing can happen. What a waste. But she’s not the first. I have many friends who have attended many different universities who have nothing to show for their time there. I understand that less than half of all accredited university students ever make it all the way to graduation. The world is full of bitter failures like your relative. I just don’t see any of them taking time and effort to discredit the reputation of the institution that they failed to reap anything from. I’m just curious to know which of the George Wythe University’s required authors did your relative fail to learn anything from? Was it Plato? Tolstoy? C.S. Lewis? Stephen Covey? Tocqueville?

The fact is, I personally know over a hundred people who have benefitted greatly from their GW experiences including myself. The reason I don’t affix my name to these words is because of your very interesting reasons for remaining anonymous yourself. You claim that you don’t want these words to “define you.” And yet you go to great lengths to define others by slandering their names so loosely throughout your blog. Wow, what a revelation; Oliver, Rachel, Andy and Shanon are not perfect. How profound and original.

[…these comments are continued below…]

Anonymous said...

[…these comments are a continuation from above…]

You know who else wasn’t perfect? Joseph Smith. Boy did he ever make mistakes. Did you know that he was actually guilty of some of the crimes they incarcerated him for? It’s hard for many “critics” to see the good that came from the organization he founded through all of the personal flaws and mistakes of the founder. There are boatloads of evidence against him. Way more than your puny, selective, one-sided “evidence” against GWU. The early financial books of the LDS church are very disorderly.

Are you aware that quite a bit of the anti-mormon literature is true? You probably think the world is a better place because of the truths (mixed with personal opinions) that the anti-mormons share. Like you, they do “it as a service.” Granted, many of them admit to not having read the Book of Mormon. Hey, that’s kinda similar to your admission of not reading Thomas Jefferson Education or any of the other books DeMille has written. Or the unstated fact that you’ve never sat in on a George Wythe University class. Your opinion might have some credibility if you were a GW graduate, but you’re not even an GW attendee.

I personally believe that DeMille’s writings and the school that he founded have all come through inspiration from a higher source. I now, very seriously, challenge you, TRGW, to apply the exhortation in Moroni to the truths taught by GWU and TJED; “And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that ye would ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not true; and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, he will manifest the truth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost. And by the power of the Holy Ghost [TRGW] may know the truth of [GWU & TJED].” Keep in mind that Oliver never claimed to have written the most correct of any book.

With deep sincerity, TRGW, I challenge you. You claim that you are a church going mormon. I assume you mean temple worthy. Can you honestly say that you have prayed to learn God’s will regarding your little blog here? Has God sanctioned your efforts? Because I think if you actually were to pray about this with sincerity and honesty, that God would tell you to delete this blog that you have dedicated to discrediting good members of the church who are doing everything in their power to fulfill their most holy covenants. That instead, you would dedicate your time and energy to the building up of Zion, as these people have done.

I testify to you, Mr. TRGW, that I have prayed and I have been assured, dear brother, through the power of the spirit that both the efforts and the motives of the people you slander here are lovely, of good report and praiseworthy. Would to God, that we would all seek after these things.

The next words you utter on this blog had better be an answer to this challenge. That if, somehow, you are actually encouraged by the Lord to continue your assault of this great cause, that you will come back with much more conviction and sense of purpose. You will then be obligated to doing everything in your power to stop the spread of GWU principles. Most likely you will have to shed this pathetic shroud of anonymity and with the sanction of God, you will finally have the courage to “define yourself” by the words you write here.

I’m calling you out, coward, with the knowledge that God is on my side. You hide behind half truths as did the Pharisees and Scribes who accused Jesus. You know not what you crucify. But you are not beyond redemption. You can undo the harm you have done. The Spirit can tell you how. It is my prayer, that you will be humble enough to listen.

The Real George Wythe said...

Anon -

See my response here.