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Monday, July 19, 2010


Dr. Shane Schulthies has been named the fourth president of George Wythe in four years. Schulthies is the first president with a real, accredited doctorate.

See here.

Andrew Groft will serve as the "Business and Government Affairs Liaison" liaison going forward.

In other news, it appears GWU has taken this blog's questions to heart and instituted a formal conflict-of-interest policy, eliminated life experience credit, and made improvements to its curriculum.

Good job, GWU board. These are good and sorely-needed moves. You have addressed many of my concerns.

Once I see an honest history of the institution available at www.gw.edu, I will be very tempted to delete this blog.

UPDATE: Broken links fixed.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Keith Lockhart

A recent comment asked about Keith Lockhart, co-author of DeMille's New World Order book.

I don't know who this person is (I do know he's not the conductor of the Boston Pops).

Whoever he is, it appears (see obit here) that as of 2007, he was married to Rachel DeMille's sister. Obviously, that makes him Oliver DeMille's brother-in-law.

Random trivia: His wife and R.D. appear to be the nieces of Ed and Patricia Pinegar. Ed was the president of the Provo M.T.C. and is currently a temple president. He's a good man. Patricia was the Primary General President for the LDS Church.

I am acquainted with both of them and neither appears to hold the kooky world view of the George Wythe College / TJEd crowd.