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Monday, July 19, 2010


Dr. Shane Schulthies has been named the fourth president of George Wythe in four years. Schulthies is the first president with a real, accredited doctorate.

See here.

Andrew Groft will serve as the "Business and Government Affairs Liaison" liaison going forward.

In other news, it appears GWU has taken this blog's questions to heart and instituted a formal conflict-of-interest policy, eliminated life experience credit, and made improvements to its curriculum.

Good job, GWU board. These are good and sorely-needed moves. You have addressed many of my concerns.

Once I see an honest history of the institution available at www.gw.edu, I will be very tempted to delete this blog.

UPDATE: Broken links fixed.


Felidae said...

I was able to find the right pages once I got there, but I think some of your links are broken. Anyway, on campus I've sensed changes like this coming for several months, and it's good to see come to fruition. Schulthies is a no-nonsense straight shooter and everyone appreciates that about him. He's modest too, which keeps everyone down to earth. I think you'd like him.

The Real George Wythe said...

Thanks Felidae, I've fixed the broken links.

R.C. said...

After I read that Schulthies was the head of the IRB at BYU (the board that reviews all human subjects research) I was very impressed. I welcome the changes.

I would like to know if they have abandoned "5000 year leap", TJED, and Robert Kiyosaki.

I would be very happy if they did that.

Felidae said...

Hmmm.... just finished searching the site and the curriculum. No trace of Kiyosaki and it looks like the others have been removed from the undergrad curriculum. I read that all the degrees are being overhauled and it appears they're working from the bottom up, so if this is the trend it's a good sign.

Anonymous said...

Here's another interesting change: It looks like Shanon Brooks is set to begin a "Monticello College" on his own and claims to have around 100 students lined up and ready to go. At least this is what he is telling the new city manager.

R.C. said...

To Anonymous:

A person could not write fiction this well.