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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Keith Lockhart

A recent comment asked about Keith Lockhart, co-author of DeMille's New World Order book.

I don't know who this person is (I do know he's not the conductor of the Boston Pops).

Whoever he is, it appears (see obit here) that as of 2007, he was married to Rachel DeMille's sister. Obviously, that makes him Oliver DeMille's brother-in-law.

Random trivia: His wife and R.D. appear to be the nieces of Ed and Patricia Pinegar. Ed was the president of the Provo M.T.C. and is currently a temple president. He's a good man. Patricia was the Primary General President for the LDS Church.

I am acquainted with both of them and neither appears to hold the kooky world view of the George Wythe College / TJEd crowd.


R.C. said...

Welcome back TRGW. I found some info on Keith Lockhart. I couldn't get a hold of him, and he wouldn't answer any emails.

Here is a Keith Lockhart in Utah who runs a charter school:


Felidae said...

Hmmm.... thought I'd ask around a bit and it appears the above link is to the right guy -- the administrator of Odyssey. Based on what I see in their curriculum, it seems they don't have much to do with TJED or DeMille. Core Knowledge and their remaining curriculum as described is pretty mainstream among charters and private schools. Looks like ever since his original folly with DeMille, at least he's done a fair job of keeping his distance and following another course.