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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Here is some interesting evidence about the Wikipedia editor I have previously discussed.

In late February, I had a back-and-forth with Ibinthinkin about the Oliver DeMille article. He kept insisting that LaSalle University was not a diploma mill at the time DeMille got his law degree there. I won't bore you with the details (follow the link if you want them), but it came down to whether or not DeMille got the degree before 1996.

He agreed that before 1996, in its early years of operation, it was a diploma mill. After, he said, it was a normal correspondence school. I had seen plenty of documentation saying he got the degree before 1996.

As I browsed my GWC material for the evidence, I found convincing stuff in DeMille's mea culpa blog entry. But don't bother following that link, looking for what I found. You see the blog entry has been changed, removing any mention of a time line associated with LaSalle. I discovered this when I went to the live site, hoping to provide Ibinthinkin with a link to view.

Luckily, I copied the original entry, and present the relevant section below, juxtaposed with the revised version (click to enlarge; changes highlighted in gray):

Some key quotes that were removed:

- "...my experience was during the first years of operation..."
- "...an unwitting fool in an apparent scam."
- "...they had been shut down as a diploma mill, and my understanding is that it was warranted."

The date of the original blog post (4-10-2009) has not been changed, nor can I find any indication that he has disclosed the changes.

So at the time Ibinthinkin was arguing that there is no evidence DeMille attended before 1996, DeMille made changes to his blog entry that obscure any time-related facts.

Draw your own conclusion.

I don't understand why acknowledging LaSalle as a diploma mill is such a big issue. DeMille has no problem acknowledging TIBS as such. But there it is.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hillsdale College

Every once in a while someone comments that instead of "attacking" George Wythe College, I should go off and start my own school. As if there were no place for constructive criticism!

Well, I'm not going to found a college. But for anyone looking for a solid, well-principled education with constitutionalist roots, look no further than Hillsdale College.

You can read about a recent visit here, here, and here.

Tuition is nearly $20,000, but the average aid package is $12,000.

From the school:

"A liberal education at Hillsdale College entails the study of things inherently worthwhile—things good, true, and beautiful. As stated in the College Honor Code, this study 'develops the minds and improves the hearts' of students, through which they rise to the challenge of self-government in a free republic. Students refine their intelligence, furnish their understanding, and acquire the abilities and wisdom necessary to lead full, humane lives. In so doing, students, like the College itself, become trustees of 'modern man’s intellectual and spiritual inheritance from the Judeo-Christian faith and Greco-Roman culture.'

"Liberal education begins with the 'core curriculum,' where students are conducted systematically through stages of intellectual growth and acquirement in a variety of disciplines, each worthy of study for its own sake. It does not end there, however, as this learning continues in and extends through the academic majors students pursue after the core curriculum."

By the way, their monthly speech digest--which is free--is excellent. It's called Imprimus, and you can read it here.

(photo credit: Robert J. Avrech)