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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Folks, I am moving on. I think this blog has served its purpose.

All the best.


R.C. said...

Care to elaborate? How did you get to this point.

CrouchingOwl said...

Thanks for the work you put into it. I really enjoyed reading your posts.

R.C. said...

- TJED...Gone from the curriculum
- Oliver DeMille...Gone
- Shanon Brooks...Gone
- Andrew Groft...Gone
- Unethical conflicts of interest in the form of private business profiting from non-profit GW...banned
- PhD program...discontinued
- Credit for life experience...discontinued
- Cleon Skousen readings...no more
- Monticello campus...no going to happen

Are there any other accomplishments? I'd say since this blog appeared, there have been many positive changes at GW. Thanks TRGW for all of the research and hard work. It has been for good.

This blog should remain online (at the very least) because we haven't seen a real history yet.

The Real George Wythe said...

Thanks R.C. and CrouchingOwl. I agree the site should remain up.

I think it hit me when I was trying to track down the Smailes dissertation. I realized I was getting too far into the details and didn't want to drag this woman--who is probably a nice old lady--into it.

If I eventually get a copy of her dissertation, I'll read it. I'm a fan of The Scarlet Letter. But I'll be surprised if it is dissertation caliber material. And I'll be blown away if there actually is a connection between it and constitutional law.

I'm convinced that the vast majority of those associated with George Wythe aren't malicious; they are simply ignorant. Sure, it's irritating that many "don't know what they don't know." Especially when they put themselves up, as Brooks does, as a learned person with "three earned degrees."

The fact that Brooks, DeMille, et al are no longer doing this "in my living room"--my relative is no longer involved with them--makes it much easier to ignore them going forward.

I wanted to share something I thought of yesterday. I remembered a time back in the 1990s, when Carlos E. Asay (then-president of the Salt Lake Temple) died. He had been a longtime general authority, close associate of President Hinckley, and had a personal impact on me a time or two.

President Hinckley said something at the funeral that struck me. I went back and found it in the Deseret News archives:

"President Hinckley said he did not realize Elder Asay had earned a doctorate until reading his obituary. 'He never boasted.'"

Ah. Accomplishment mixed with modesty. Such a rare attribute in our world. Entirely absent from my observations of the GW crowd.

Incredibly, President Hinckley appointed Elder Asay to many positions of responsibility, ultimately as steward of the flagship temple, without ever realizing he had a doctorate. Apparently his accumulated actions over time were enough for Pres. Hinckley. Earned degrees played no role.

That's a great example not only for the GW crowd, but for all of us.

Hopefully George Wythe morphs into some sort of force for good. It's possible. But getting there will take not only renouncing phony past degrees and publishing an honest history--it will also a large and ongoing dose of Socratic humility.

R.C., thank you for listing those changes. I'd like to think that we had some sort of an impact, starting with Stout's (hilarious) article, our Google group, and now this blog. I think we'd both agree it was all worth it if we steered just one student away from GW.

I do have to thank DeMille for getting me thinking more about reading classics. I had a great college professor who shared his personal list of "classics to read before you die" and DeMille reminded me of that list (it contained no Skousen btw).

It's funny, I do remember defending DeMille to someone back in 2002 or so, when they pointed out his attendance (correspondence?) at a bible college. At the time I didn't know much about TJEd, but had been by the school in Cedar City (back when it was under a dentist's office) and met a few people there. So I did give DeMille a chance, and did approach this subject in good faith. Nothing but the facts drove me to my conclusions.

I am still reading Skousen's 5000 Year Leap, but as I will no longer be doing this blog I take back my promise of a review.

Thanks for the fun everyone! I'll keep the blog up, and if anyone finds anything I've posted to be nonfactual or posted in bad faith, please point it out to me so I can remedy the problem.

All the best,


J.L.L said...

See ya, man. I think when you've made your case, you let your words stand, and you don't need to constantly be in it with every person who disagrees. Good on you. It's been fun.

publius-1787 said...

I believe you've shown much integrity. Thanks for the blog. It's been illuminating. You definitely have made a difference for good concerning GW. I can say that you've helped me see the school for what it really is. Wish you the best in your future endeavors.

R.C. said...

I did a little reading on Carlos Asay. What an amazing story. I had no idea that the LDS church had missionaries in the middle east. It must have made him sad to see the increase rise of political violence where he served as a young man.

Are there any published books about his missionary experience?

Eternity said...

Thanks for all your admirable work on bringing the truth to light! You have helped our family immeasurably! :)

Kevin said...


I hope you've been enjoying your reading of the 5000 Year Leap. Did you perchance receive my PM?

Jason said...

Where can I find non-TJEders? I am trying to decide if I want to homeschool. I have attended a few get-togethers, and everyone seems to be doing TJEd. Ugh, I feel like they're shoving it down my throat. Today someone said that the reason I don't agree with it is because I went to public school, so I can't wrap my head around the ideals. (In a nicer way than that, but meaning just that). I hardly know these people, and don't want to point them to this blog or the other J.L.L. blog. I pointed someone else there once, and she "got an evil, sick feeling," and had to go listen to hymns to feel better about it. Then she emailed me to tell me that, which I obviously felt bad about. But I do see it as they think TJEd is a total revelation from God that this is true, and... I know you know exactly what they think. I guess I'm really thinking I don't want to step my foot in the homeschooling door if all my homeschooling peers are like this. I just want NORMAL people who homeschool. I want a great education for my kids, which is why I want to homeschool, but it is important for me to find people who homeschool so my kids don't feel completely out of touch. I want them to have homeschool friends. Any help? I'm just not sure where to go to find people who don't do TJEd.

CrouchingOwl said...

I couldn't point you to local home school communities, not even knowing where you are. Growing up, however, I used this curriculum provider for homeschooling and I think I turned out fairly well.

I can't claim to know how much this curriculum might have changed since I used it. For all I know it might not be much good now, but my family got pretty good use out of it back when.

sonof cicero said...

Transformation complete. Ann Tracy and Siljander's degrees revoked, accurate history detailed, actions of DeMille and Brooks condemned. http://news.gw.edu/?p=393